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Pre-Partum, Pregnancy, and Post-Partum Care

Pre-Partum Care

Pre-partum care can be stressful, discussing adding another person to your family, or in caring for a new life can be super stressful. However, here at International Therapy Solutions, we are here to help in the stress of it all. 

Pregnancy Care

Pre-partum care can be stressful, involving the health care of pregancy, along with the stress of preparing for a new baby can be taxing. We want to ensure you're in the right mental space for a new bundle of joy in your home. 

Post-Partum Care

Recovering from birth and the changes of having a new baby can be really difficult and  make our world feel upside down. Our clinicians that work in post-partum care work through the variety of emotions that arrise post birth. 

Pre-Partum Care

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