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Kaitlyn Zhao

Meaningful change begins with a deep understanding of oneself and the connections between your thoughts, emotion, and behaviors. As I am passionate about mental health, I believe that everyone has the potential to transform difficult experiences into opportunities for personal growth. Whether you are experiencing a challenging time or seeking self-discovery, therapy can be beneficial to anyone and provides valuable tools to navigate life. My goal is to create a safe, empathetic, and welcoming space where we can work together to discuss life’s challenges and your needs.

I received my Bachelor’s in psychology from the University of Michigan and am currently a Master’s in Social Work student at the same institution with a concentration in Interpersonal Practice. Before starting graduate school, I worked at an outpatient mental health clinic primarily for children and families, where I provided individual therapy to children on the autism spectrum. My professional goal is to provide evidence-based therapeutic interventions to clients with a focus on anxiety, depression, and adjustment issues. I am expected to graduate in December 2024 and plan to continue working to receive full licensure.

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Masters Intern

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