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Kaitlyn Zhao

Masters Intern

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Meaningful change begins with a deep understanding of oneself and the connections between your thoughts, emotion, and behaviors. As I am passionate about mental health, I believe that everyone has the potential to transform difficult experiences into opportunities for personal growth. Whether you are experiencing a challenging time or seeking self-discovery, therapy can be beneficial to anyone and provides valuable tools to navigate life.


Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, lost in life, or stuck in repetitive patterns, having the safe space to process your emotions at your pace is the first step to making changes and healing. I believe therapy allows people to build insights and awareness of their experiences, and I am here to work with you and empower you to take control of your life.


My goal is to provide a safe, empathetic, and non-judgmental space where we can work together to discuss life’s challenges and your needs. By creating a collaborative relationship, I hope to walk alongside you during our time together. We're all on a learning journey in life, and I'd be honored to join you on your incredible path of transformation.

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