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Animal Assisted Therapy

Sometimes therapy can seem daunting. Animal assisted therapy can make it easier to be in an environment that feels calming and safe with the added comfort of a therapy animal.

Meet Limbo

Limbo was adopted in 2018 from a small shelter in Defiance, Ohio when he was just over a year old.  He’s been called a “Heinz 57 varieties” mix of breeds including Australian Cattle Dog, Pit Bull, German Shepherd, Lab, and Boxer.  Limbo is currently in training for his official Canine Good Citizen and therapy dog certifications.  His favorite things include chasing the ball, being a good boy for snacks, wrestling with his best pal Lulu, playing with his cats Cheese and Meatball, snuggling with his humans, going on adventures, and most of all, meeting new friends!

"Dognitive" Behavioral Therapy

Animal-Assisted Therapy (also called Pet Therapy or Animal Therapy) is a therapeutic process that incorporates animals and the human-animal bond. Animals have been included in healing processes for centuries and are a unique part of human evolution and survival.  In modern therapy, studies have shown that animals can help reduce stress and enhance well-being.  Different animals can be trained as therapy animals including horses and cats, however, the most popular therapy animals are dogs.  

Meet Emily!

Click the link below to read more about our Animal-Assisted Therapist, Emily Kelley.

LLMSW EmilyKelley (1).jpeg
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