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Keely Lombardi

Masters Intern

Intern KeelyLombardi edit.jpg

 Hello, my name is Keely. I enjoy engaging with individuals who are working through life transitions. While much of my experience has been with adults with behavioral health issues, I enjoy working with clients looking to make a major change in their life.


Substance use disorders, addiction, and trauma affect people from all walks of life, and their effects are far and wide. These conditions are serious, recurrent, and treatable. Trauma informs much of our lives, it is a product of what happens to us, it is never a personal failing. We learn to cope with our trauma over time in ways to protect ourselves.


During our time together, we will spend time working to navigate through the pain and discomfort of trauma and learn to grow through discomfort. Healing our trauma can be very uncomfortable, but with time this allows us to heal from pain and move forward, build self-awareness, and create room for growth.


I work with clients to empower them forward in their recovery and creation of a new path forward. We will work together to set achievable goals in the process of recovery. We will also focus on body-awareness and understanding changes our mind and bodies need in order to reach set goals. I strive to support my clients through the process of processing trauma and working to build towards their envisioned future. Together we can develop goals to get you from where you are to where you would like to be. 

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