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Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LLMSW

Mia Dawson

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It can get incredibly overwhelming balancing all of life’s demands and experiencing the chaotic world around us. The effects of complex trauma can stick with us in many ways, even if that trauma has yet to be named or uncovered. You may feel disconnected from yourself and others. You may want to get out of your head and start feeling more present in the moment. I believe everyone is capable of getting out of the vicious cycle they find themselves in and creating a life that makes them feel fulfilled, confident, and excited. My goal as a therapist first and foremost is to ensure that you feel seen, heard, and understood. I will help you dissect the complexities of your history, relationships, emotions, behaviors, and thoughts in order to start walking the path towards healing and becoming your true self.

 I graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Masters in Social Work. I work with clients who may struggle with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, or childhood trauma. My approach is strengths based, person-centered, and trauma informed, as well as utilizing techniques from CBT and DBT. Continuing education and professional growth are very important to me as a clinician, which is why I dedicate time and effort to read about evidence-based practices and complete trainings. Having experienced the vulnerability of being on the other side of the office, I understand the importance of showing up and being present in our sessions as my authentic self. My goal is to find approaches that work best for you as an individual and provide an environment where you feel safe and empowered to be who you are, right now. 

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